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Oracle Database supports a reliable Unicode datatype through , depending on the setting of the national character set when the database is created.

These datatypes allow character data in Unicode to be stored in a database that may or may not use Unicode as database character set.

The numeric datatypes store positive and negative fixed and floating-point numbers, zero, infinity, and values that are the undefined result of an operation (that is, is "not a number" or NAN).

This section includes the following topics: datatype stores fixed and floating-point numbers.

You must consider this issue when estimating space for tables with columns that contain character data.

The length semantics of character datatypes can be measured in bytes or characters.

Numbers of virtually any magnitude can be stored and are guaranteed portable among different systems operating Oracle Database, up to 38 digits of precision.

The following numbers can be stored in a If a precision is not specified, the column stores values as given. Oracle guarantees portability of numbers with a precision equal to or less than 38 digits.

They need a datatype which is guaranteed to be Unicode regardless of the database character set.

The maximum byte length is the multiple of the maximum character length and the maximum number of bytes in each character.

This section includes the following topics: Unicode is an effort to have a unified encoding of every character in every language known to man.

It also provides a way to represent privately-defined characters.

A database column that stores Unicode can store text written in any language.For single byte character sets, columns defined in character semantics are basically the same as those defined in byte semantics.