Antique dating periods

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Antique Chinese vases have over the centuries been produced in a wide variety of shapes and styles.Some forms were based on prototypes originally carved in jade or cast in bronze.The term Art Deco - like most stylistic labels - was unknown at the time the furniture was being made.It derives from the 1925 Arts Decoratifs exhibition in Paris, and only came to be applied to the style in the bring you quality information on antique furniture of all kinds. If there is a particular collectible or antique you are interested in, please suggest it to us.English furniture styles developed in ways broadly in line with those of mainland L.

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In the mid-18th century, Irish furniture was so extravagant in its use of richly carved mahogany - especially for side tables on cabriole legs - that a whole class is described as 'Irish Chippendale'.MID GEROGIAN George I, 1730-60 and the first year's of George III. In 1754, Chippendale's designs appear; Rib bon-back chairs, ornate gilt mirrors and con sole tables expressed the English interpretation of rococo.

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