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In Every Mother's Son, Gia has completed her transition and been given a daylight ring.Marcel continues to try and convince Elijah to take Gia under his wing, by having Gia take Elijah to Lenore when he was looking for a witch.

When Hayley asks for their help on finding Oliver they agree to help.

Marcel took the opportunity to kill Gia in front of Elijah, having fed her his blood, knowing that she would awaken as a vampire, and asked Elijah to become a mentor for her, stating that perhaps he would do a better job with Gia than he had done mentoring himself as a child.

Elijah seemed less than thrilled with the idea at first, but when Gia opened up to him about not being able to play music since her transition, Elijah remembered the problems that his siblings experienced because no one would help them, and knowing that having someone to help you can change everything, offers his aid to Gia, becoming her mentor.

The relationship between the Upgraded Original Vampire, Marcel Gerard and the Vampire, Gia.

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Marcel had Gia turned into a vampire to join his army of vampires.

Hillary beat both men, walked away with nothing, & is STILL being villainized.

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