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03-Dec-2017 17:28

[CHICKWITHGUN] and going out to Homebush [Black Tee] Everything was the same...

But DIFFERENT} [CHICKWITHGUN] It was quite surreal going back and seeing the sets in different sheds...

GA [CHICKWITHGUN] ga [Chat Mod] to : So, any plans to continue the story in further miniseries?

Any other "Farscape" projects sitting on the far horizon?

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What sort of emotions do your characters go through during the mini-series? [Black Tee] Yes [Black Tee] many tears [CHICKWITHGUN] never...[Black Tee] and bigger [Black Tee] We blowed up the entire galaxy [CHICKWITHGUN] it was pretty high production values they were aiming for [Black Tee] Nothing left behind [Black Tee] no expense spared [CHICKWITHGUN] but no fireworks on wrap this year. Then hit Enter (or Return on a Mac.) [CHICKWITHGUN] ga [Chat Mod] to : Do you think Baby Sun looks more like Claudia or Ben? .that's a sensitive subject [Black Tee] Who kinda looks like Yoda [CHICKWITHGUN] the equivalent of mail man in space looks like what? [Black Tee] ALL of THEM [CHICKWITHGUN] i loved season three the most because aeryn had so many great story twists. well [CHICKWITHGUN] I felt i was being challenged in all the right ways [Black Tee] you know [CHICKWITHGUN] cause of all the kissin' [CHICKWITHGUN] ?[Black Tee] Who kinda looks like Frank Oz [CHICKWITHGUN] or milk man [Black Tee] Damn Henson Company [CHICKWITHGUN] who looks like the next actor they'll bring in for farscape with the next gen [Black Tee] But if we had a baby... [Black Tee] yeah [CHICKWITHGUN] ahhhhh [Black Tee] blowin up things and kissin [CHICKWITHGUN] season three [CHICKWITHGUN] yeah and that day on the dune buggies [Black Tee] that's why I like going to work [CHICKWITHGUN] that was soooooo cooool [Black Tee] and the kissin [CHICKWITHGUN] yeah, blowin stuff up [Black Tee] that's what we call Drahma [CHICKWITHGUN] gen x is such a sex/death culture isn't it?[CHICKWITHGUN] Stepping back into a costume that might not have fit [CHICKWITHGUN] and we were older...

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[CHICKWITHGUN] and slower [CHICKWITHGUN] and un-used to early starts [Black Tee] It seemed like the year away never really happened.point of view [Black Tee] Quiz shows ruled the 1950's [Black Tee] Reality TV rules today [Black Tee] perhaps the next cycle of TV will be Westerns [CHICKWITHGUN] I have to admit that I watch survivor and I love rupert ga [CHICKWITHGUN] Claudia blushes ga [Black Tee] or Fan scripted TV???

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