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Winner: Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos Verdict: Ugly.Congratulations WWE, you got your thirty-second mention in this morning's celebrity news-cycle.Commercial: Buy Next Year's Wrestle Mania -- Already!WWE, ever the carnies, don't know how to take a break from hustling.Then WWE congratulate themselves for setting a new attendance record at the Sun Life Stadium.Immediately after this, we are pleasantly surprised by the return of Good Ol' J.Though it's on a smaller scale, Orton is a lot like Cena: he's a one-note character that producers are afraid to make more interesting because he already brings in so much merchandise.

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His pre-show peacocking ends when he lowers his cloak to reveal an aggressively shaved head, complete with tiny mohawk and thunder-claps.Suspension of disbelief is broken immediately just by the notion that the legit amateur-trained Phoenix can't wipe the floor with the twig-sized Kelly or the broken-ribbed "Dancing With the Stars" contestant.Phoenix literally carries her opponents through a blatantly-choreographed contest, that mercifully ends when Phoenix allows the celebrity to pin her.We get our first of many advertising breaks during a pay-per-view broadcast.

This is like putting commercial breaks on an HBO show; people paid extra so they wouldn't have to sit through this. This is a cheap and tacky trend that continues all throughout the night.It's a slow and plodding affair that the commentators try to sell as "methodical." It picks up with the end exchange of choke-slams and attempted cranial punts.

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