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If I can do that every once in a while then I can at least show the audience I've got something else in my pocket. I think the early movie heroes were my inspirations, the Gables, the Waynes, the Coopers.

And I think I've done such a varied amount of roles, that I don't fear it, it's just that this is the most visible. BRUCE: No, I used to when I was a little younger and I have the injuries to show it.

I really owe that to them, my wife and my two children and my home away from the Beverly Hills-type life. BRUCE: I think if there is some kind of person I can identify with right down to the dialogue; it has to come naturally.

Jiggle TV comes to the big screen as a movie version of the late 1970s se-ries Charlie's Angels opens today at theaters nationwide.

IVY: What do you think would be the audience reaction if these two characters admitted that they really loved each other? It was kind of strange because she'd be saying 'Action' and 'Cut' and it was a very schizophrenic thing for her for a little while but it was a more intimate experience with the whole cast because we didn't have the outside influence of a visiting director. Kate has to be there usually an hour before me; that's the way it generally goeswomen take longer with the hair and make-up.

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Q Since her divorce, hasn't former ''Charlie's Angel'' Kate Jackson been dating some unusual men?BRUCE: At the very beginning of this season, I had just come back from Singapore and doing Passion Flower and I had about a week off or so and then went right to work on Scarecrow. These are just things as sidelines but you have to have other interests, otherwise you go pretty stale.