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23-Nov-2017 16:43

SA: What kind of reactions do you get when telling guys you're HIV-positive? I'm not looking to go out and only sleep with positive guys and have bareback sex. But people just respond to hearing it differently, and anticipating someone's reaction is always hard.

" I kept asking the nurse who took me upstairs at the Margaret Sanger Center in the East Village for a second blood test to confirm the rapid test result.'That is the start of Fratti's powerful essay, published by Redbook, offering a glimpse into the difficult world of dating with HIV.Maybe I thought his mannerisms were off-putting, or he might've been a bit too feminine or too masculine for my liking. But then, I stopped talking to someone because they had HIV... The guy told me his status after two relatively successful dates. As I grew more overwhelmed and flustered, he explained we never would have had sex without him revealing his status to me.He didn't have to do that, but as our conversation gradually shifted in the direction of sex, it was bound to come up. I had never met someone who was HIV-positive, and frankly, I knew close to nothing about the disease at all. We had never gotten to the point of anything close to sex, but we did make out in my room. I had been feeling sick the days prior, so was I now infected? And he also explained more about his low strain and how undetectable it was due to the medicine he was on.SA: I'm one of those skeptics who says they don't have time, don't know where to go and isn't sure if my insurance will even cover it.

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Karen Fratti was 28, living with her then-boyfriend in New York City, when she decided to get her first HIV test five years ago. She merely thought she might as well add it to the list of things to test at her annual check-up.No study has ever shown HIV transmission from someone with an undetectable viral load.