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06-Aug-2017 16:10

A man and his son visit the village to find out about an incident in the life of the man's mother, Pauline Kropp, in 1941 in this village.However, they are met with mistrust by the local population.

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So when his wife Pauline starts to run the shop alone, her character is subsequently of public interest for all citizens who are concerned about the well-being of their families during the ongoing war.

The German audience sensed this unreality at once, which afforded them the opportunity to reject, with relief, the problems touched upon in the film.

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Pauline, still young and attractive, shares the fate of other soldiers' wives who constantly face the fear her husband might return crippled, maimed or not at all.

But because her husband's shop is highly important for the town's community, she gets somebody who can ease her working load, and so a Polish prisoner of war named Stanislaus must serve her.

She obviously finds him handsome and relishes that he has to obey all her commands.