Internet dating first meeting

05-Oct-2017 13:14

However, always keep your guard up just a little bit, at least until you have had a few more dates.Enjoy yourself but put safety first and hopefully your first date will lead to many more!Tell someone about your rendezvous, whether it’s just a date at a coffee shop or an overseas meeting.

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If you are made to feel uncomfortable at any time attract the attention of someone around you.

First dates are always exciting but it's important to keep your personal safety in mind.

No harm can come from being over-cautious; you'll both laugh about it later.

Tell a waitress, a security guard, a passerby, a stranger in the bathroom - just attract the attention and support of someone around you – and leave.

If your date insists on walking you to a car parked down an alley or in a deserted parking lot stop where you are, call a cab and collect your car another time.However, since this is the first time you are meeting them, it wouldn’t hurt to exercise a little caution.

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