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16-Aug-2017 20:58

Until then, this blog will be on an indefinite hiatus.

Sanrio Boys started their group Twitter last November and now they are almost reaching 200K followers.

Most BL titles involve a lot of narration and dialogues, as well as choices that can alter the outcome of the story.

We DO NOT make or translate any game, but we can help you promote yours if you want! Due to personal reasons, I have not been very active this past year.

Sanrio Boys are a Sanrio’s official group of high school boys who LOVE Sanrio characters with a purpose to promote Sanrio characters.

Sanrio confirmed a new dating sim app, “Sanrio Boys” for i OS and Android smartphones coming out this fall!

I wanna see what the call is about and I want to see what happens with the boys and your character.

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It’s better if the new admin knows their way around Tumblr, right?If you’re identify yourself as a “radfem” or “TERF”, go fuck yourself.But basically, the most important thing is that you’re actually willing to run this blog consistently and not leave a couple months later, and that you are a decent person. I should apologize to everyone using the #eblg, but I believe I should apologize especially to @scarletdreamgame​, who has been posting updates of their RPG every week in the #eblg tag since I first started using it, and the ladies at @fuckyeahgakuenheaven​, who I let down these past months despite their constant efforts in translating, LPing and promoting the Gakuen Heaven games.- Will maintain this blog for the next months and years, and preferably post on a daily or weekly basis- Will not only support games labelled as “BL” or “Japanese-looking” games, but also titles created all over the world by various kind of people with various writing and art styles- Will not try to make money off this blog - Preferably knows a bit of HTML/CSS to maintain the blog layout and it’s pages, or is willing –really willing– to learn how- Will not fall for Queer Baiting- Supports LGBTQIA folks and their rights to express themselves.

If you think these are not relevant to this blog, or do not support LGBTQIA rights, including Trans rights, you should not run this blog.On their app’s official site, they are welcoming pre-registration for this app and the more the number of pre-registered members go higher, the more bonus items will be gifted to you when the app starts.

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