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02-Aug-2017 03:45

He is suffering at the hands of the president [Recep Tayyip Erdogan]," Demirtas said at a recent gathering in Mus.

"I have humble advice for him: Leave politics and get a job on the dating shows, since you are already in the business of finding matrimonial happiness for singles. In matchmaking shows when they tell people, ' Davutoglu will find you a spouse,' that would serve a greater cause, a blessed purpose.” Selin Sayek Boke, deputy chairwoman of the Republican People’s Party, the main opposition party, asked, “Davutoglu promised young men a wife, but from where will he provide the supply of spouses?

While Davutoglu has to resort to wild promises to keep the spotlight on him, young Islamist men are still depressed in Istanbul.

is a columnist for Al-Monitor's Turkey Pulse and a visiting scholar of political science at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Her articles have appeared in Time, New America, Hurriyet Daily News, Today's Zaman, Star and Salom.

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” One is that Davutoglu is in a state of panic and is mentally exhausted, hence producing gaffe after gaffe: A good number of commentators believe Davutoglu, an academic by training, has slips of the tongue so frequently because he is losing his grip on reality.Abdurrahim Boynukalin, the AKP's youth branch chief and Istanbul deputy, gave a passionate speech Oct. He commented that the AKP youth have been criticized for losing their voice and presence on the streets, of acting sheepish. Boynukalin confessed he takes pride in his controversial method of protesting against media outlets.