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13-Nov-2017 09:14

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Another friend had wisely quoted that you fall in love with one in forty people your own age, so with thirty guys in one room I left feeling pretty damn confident I was going to get married and live happily ever after very soon.

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For the first date I was next to Doug – three minutes of which 10 seconds were spent downing my complimentary glass of wine, one minute drawing big hearts around my number on his sheet so I was guaranteed one ‘match’ and then the remaining time gazing around the room. One guy had tears in his eyes when in under 15 seconds he had told me about his mental health problems and another when asked why he had come told me about his past relationship, kept under ‘lock and key’. While I posited the numbers dying in Africa he reminded me how valuable koi carp are.

However, I was pleasantly surprised on arrival as the bar was full of fellow speed daters and a live band was playing to help create a fun laid back atmosphere.

We proceeded straight to the bar to claim our free drink which was included in the £5 price and to get some ‘Dutch Courage’ before the dating began.

By this point the room was hot and I’d met so many new people I felt we all needed some time to recover and talk to those we had liked.

However, we had to power on for almost another hour. My throat hurt, and my memory was beginning to fade. Guys kept appearing opposite me looking haggard and hot, desperately asking how much longer I thought this was going to last.My flatmate and I compared notes and whilst things were mostly going well we had both had a few off-putting experiences such as the ‘boob starer’ and the boy who wouldn’t speak.