Radajaxmanager not updating controls

03-Jan-2018 03:55

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The Ajax Control ID specifies the control firing an Ajax event.Once this Ajax event is fired, this and other specified controls will be refreshed with updated attributes.This User Control has a static Update Panel within itself.The page technically works, although I'm sure the wiring up behind the scenes is NOT correct -- the only way to get it to work (most of the time) is to dynamically load the User Control both everytime the page loads, as well as every time a trigger occurs.Even then, there are some instances where clicking a button to refresh the inner-most Update Panel seems to drag and not respond at all.Does anyone have a simple example of implementing this templating pattern?I also wonder if when you clear the controls from the content container it is also removing your intial update panel and therefore causing the childrenastriggers command to invalid.

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Is there a way to use the Rad Ajax Manager to achieve this task?Not sure if this helps you, but any control loaded dynamically in ASP. Net Ajax framework or not needs to be instantiated and added to the form in the Page_Init event on every call to the page, even when the call to the page is done inside of an update panel only targeting a portion of the page.

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