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08-Oct-2017 15:29

I sat at the table trying not to laugh and we chatted about work and holidays.

He seemed to find me very attractive so I started hunting for excuses to leave.

I hated to hurt his feelings, but life really is too short. Lots of my single friends are now trying internet dating, but it seems so clinical, sad and a bit desperate, and I've heard horror stories of men who lie about themselves. I met a lovely man at a party - a Brazilian, in his 20s and a student travelling the world. A few days later we met up for a meal, and went back to my flat where we ended up in bed.

He thought I was in my 20s too and I wasn't about to correct him. I had been terrified of sex with another man but friends all said I would be surprised how easy it was. It didn't feel strange, just lovely to be held by such an attractive man.

He was my best friend and I honestly thought our love would last for ever.

He'd been described as very attractive, but, oh dear me, no.But there is no nuance with texting, so when Tim said he was 'too busy' to meet me, I took that badly.

I also think gyms or other social environments — like consistent classes — there’s a good sense of community in some of those environments.… continue reading »

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Gia and Marcel stayed close in friendship before Gia was killed by Klaus Mikaelson's compulsion.… continue reading »

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