Sex chat with teens on pad

12-Jan-2018 05:12

It all comes down to a matter of fertilized egg successfully implanting; if that happens, a gal becomes pregnant.Taking them one at a time: The truth of the matter has always been that there’s no magic about getting pregnant — if sperm meets up with egg, conception occurs.It takes a couple of years for your cycles to ‘settle down’ which means that for the first few years of having periods, some cycles will be short (maybe 21 days) while others will be longer. Boys don’t know that you are having a period unless you tell them. Starting menstruation can be anytime from the age of 8 to 18!The length of a cycle depends on when you ‘ovulate’ or ripen an egg. It all depends on our life-style and genetic make-up. If this has not happened to your sister before and she had sex about two weeks before this one-day-period, one explanation could be that she is pregnant.And it matters not if it was the gal’s first time, she did it standing up after swallowing There is no magic to be had; it’s all a relentless matter of biology.

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Think of it this way – menstruation is a celebration of your womanhood – and this bleeding lets you know that your body is working the way it should be! In this case, your sister could speak to the clinic sisters about it but I am sure they will tell her that this may simply be her body ‘adjusting’ to the contraceptive hormones. What happens if I have unprotected sex (pull out method) days before my period?This can make the breasts feel heavier and uncomfortable.