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She says she's not a racist and "probably" not a pole dancer.And this week, in the wake of backlash she's faced after her controversial "NAAWP" Facebook post, she's offended."There's nothing in that post that applies to race.On intimacy, from the "What does 'technical virgin' mean, anyway?" section: "Studies have shown that people who are happiest about their sex lives are those who reserve sexual intimacy for marriage." But her musings on biracial dating and homosexuality are drawing the fiercest criticism.Her mother hailed from Florida, so the family decided Tennessee was a nice spot in the middle.Although Butt said her mother, a "domestic engineer" for Butt and her four siblings, had "strong faith," the family never participated in organized religion.It's been a rough year for Kingsport, Tenn., pastor Boyd Holder, who was accused of engaging in sexual activity with a man while in a church van, also accused of assaulting a congregant, and just indicted last week on charges of stealing over ,000 from the church he led.

Other storylines include: posting nude photos online could get you murdered, Girl Scout camp can lead to strip poker and you might die in a car accident if you skip church for basketball practice.

But from a very young age Butt said she was always interested in what God thought about her actions. Butt didn't make that decision until she was 20 years old, according to her book "Everyday Princess: Daughter of the King." She was a high school cheerleader and editor of the high school newspaper.

She says in her book that she never drank alcohol or used drugs growing up, but she did date plenty of boys.

"Needless to say, I decided that night that I would not be dancing at parties anymore," Butt wrote. They married, and Sheila left school after one year to start working.

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After having sons Stan Jr., Cliff and Kyle with her husband and moving to Blountville, Butt returned to college at East Tennessee State University.And I'm telling you through the eyes of this book from what young ladies have come to talk to me about," Butt said when asked to explain the expediency of biracial dating.