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One of his most notable traits would be his deep dislike for his fans.For him, speaking to the audience at his live show is "death" and he almost never signs his own autographs, once having Bart, who was his assistant at the time sign his own name for a crowd of fans, another time being Cletus' children and the one time he did sign an autograph himself, signed it "K the C" (which he justified by saying the pen he was using needed to last him all day).He says that his tolerance levels are so high from years of excess he has to smoke ground-up "moon rocks" to get normal.Krusty – minus his trademark clown-hair, pale "facepaint" and red nose – bears an uncanny physical resemblance to Homer Simpson.Like Homer, the decades of repeated humiliation, embarrassment and dejection from the audience he entertained, jades Krusty's enthusiasm over his career until it turned him into a complete charlatan.

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He also has an unnamed sister and a nephew named Josh.

Ironically the one fan who interacts with Krusty the most, Bart Simpson who also saved him from jail, reunited him with his estranged father and helped him when his career was going nowhere, Krusty shows as much apathy for him as he does the rest of his fans, refusing to join Bart's family for dinner and even forgetting who he is without a reminder.

He also has an unbridled hatred for his supervisors, Fox Television and interns, however, he has a notably closer, if still fairly antagonistic relationships with Sideshow Bob and Mel.

Krusty is known to be best friends with Sideshow Mel, but Sideshow Mel is really just Krusty's sidekick. He also shares a relationship with Bart, who is Krusty's biggest fan and calls him his hero.

But while Krusty is fond of Bart and will often help Bart when he can, Krusty almost never remembers who Bart is and requires his memory to be coaxed and often just calls him "kid" rather than taking the time to use his real name, despite the fact that Bart saved his life on one or more occasions. He usually gets married to his sideshows, including Eartha Kitt.He has a deep love for pornography, keeping twelve pounds of it in his house (which was all sold when he was being audited).

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