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Despite rumors that the Singer Manufacturing Company [as it was known back then] bought out Standard in order to get the rights to the Sewhandy, the Featherweight stands on its own merit.

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The Featherweight incorporated all of the advantages of the Sewhandy, but none of its disadvantages.

The standard blackside Singer 221 Featherweight has a shiny black patina with gold decals.

The first Featherweight 221 was produced in Elizabethport, NJ in 1933 and unveiled at the Chicago World’s Fair.

This little dynamo made home sewing possible for many more people.

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The home sewer who lived in cramped quarters that did not have ample space for separate pieces of furniture to house a sewing machine could purchase a Featherweight, stow it away in a closet or cabinet until it was needed and then tuck it away when the job was done.

The Featherweight also had a lighter weight aluminum base and an easier to manipulate bobbin case.