Technorati feed not updating

23-Jan-2018 12:33

There are a variety of feed readers available to you for free on the Web that fall into five distinct categories, depending on how you want to read your feeds.Here they are: If you want to read all your feeds from within your browser, you want a Web-based feed reader (these are the most convenient and easy to set up). If you want to read all your feeds separate from your browser and have something actually installed onto your system, you want a desktop feed reader.You head on over to your favorite site, hoping that it’s got something new for you since the last time you visited, but no – you’ll just have to come back later, again and again, until the moment that particular site decides to put something new up.

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I don't know if my problem is specific to Py Qt4 or if it has to do with my bad use of python code.

Chapter 1 Technorati wacks Blogrolling, the rest of us are just Collateral Damage Chapter 2 Hey Technorati My Authority is not getting updated!

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