Updating database through datagrid vb net

09-Sep-2017 05:22

I decided to try to get it to work in Windows 7 with Virtual PC and there are a number of problems. Then when I try to close the app I get the message "Visual Basic has stopped working" and it's gone. Vic By: jnc39 Date: 2010-06-21 As a brand new Windows 7 user, I have a simple question: What is the "UAC" you refer to in step1?I've gotten around each one but this one now has me stumped. Could the fact that I didn't shut it off before starting your process have caused the computer to lock up and require a hard shut down at step 10? You MUST also use the regsvr32file in the Sys WOW64 folder (not the one in the System32 folder) to register the files.It also helps out when I need to squirt out a quick tool for use in my daily work.This process has been tested on Windows 7, both 32 bit and 64 bit, with no problems.Is this a concern or can I simply add SP6 after installation.FYI, I do have access to an msdn subscription if I need to download something different.By: Forty Pound Head Date: 2010-02-17 Yes, it will work fine on 64 bit Windows 7.I am currently using 64 bit on my main workstation, and have had no issues.

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I'm still having a few problems with the INet transfer control - using it to transfer files via FTP, it seems to hang for a minut or so every now and then. By: nfordatfph Date: 2010-02-09 Thanks for the tip on fixing slugishness. I have a problem with large forms in the IDE in Win7.

That is, unless the OCX is doing something *really* strange, you shouldn't have a problem.

Let me know what OCX's you are concerned about, and I'll try testing them out on my installation, and see if they work.

You will either need to subscribe to each event and forward it manually, or you can check out the Binding List[T] class, which will do this for you. If i know Observable Collection make event only when we add/delete or move items in our collection.

I'm binding my List View to your collection but when I update the properties of the items inside, the List View doesn't update, even tho' I can see all the events firing up. Observable Collection will not propagate individual item changes as Collection Changed events. On the outside you use the List Item Changed Event do determine whether the list or the list item itself has changed.

Most of the information out there is for Vista, and most of it is queries for assistance.

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